1. Is solves the problem of roll and sheet materials all in one and is mainly applied for advertising, studio, decoration and other industries.
2. Replace the tradition axis with the flat bed, which can avoid wrinkling and indentation during the printing.
3. Applied the advanced platform, which has better print out quality.
4. Direct print all of the sheet materials and roll materials.
5. Automatic lifting capping system.
6. Achieve the free transition among the cleaning solution, white ink and other inks.
7. The standard scale can help you a battle positioning.
8. Applied white ink auto-cycle and mixing system.



KT-V8 multi-function UV photo Print, has environmental characteristics. It widely applies for glass, aluminum , board, plank, pinch plate, organic board, ceramic, corrugated, wall paper, flex , banner, KT board, phone case, brick, stone and other materials, and it can switch to in door printing or outdoor printing, which will make your works more freely.

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