Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Model LT-3015S




Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Model LT-3015S

fiber laser cutting machine high quality version Can be used in the metal processing industry metal electronic components electrical equipment parts auto parts machine parts Plumbing parts, gas parts, furniture, kitchen equipment, interior decoration, billboard business and many more Supports continuous work 24 hours, supports laser power up to 3000W, working area is 1.5 meters wide, 3 meters long.


The machine frame is strong through a special production process that is standardized, meticulously at every point. The machine frame after welding is done through the details by precision industrial machinery. Then the whole chassis is subjected to a 600 degree Celsius heat treatment process to increase strength and protect the structure from weather and time deformation. The structure is not very big save space have a weight that is not too heavy Convenient to lift and place at a height, a complete set of POWER Fiber Laser and COMPUTER designed to be stored inside the machine. It is very safe and saves space.

Outstanding features of the machine

Raytool laser cutting head, beautiful cutting, less waste, durable, read the material thickness automatically, there is a safety system to protect the optical concentrator lens 2 pieces, the first layer of protection on the top of the optical concentrator lens and the second layer of protection safety underside of the concentrating lens Keeps the concentrator lens securely protected. This makes it work continuously without needing to change the concentrator lens often. cost saving

Control the movement of X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis with YAKASAWA SERVO servo motors that are popular all over the world. Helps to drive fluently precise and accurate important, durable use Heavy duty with ease

RACK GEAR of TAIWAN YYC's XY axis;2 MOLD HELICAL TEETH GROUND RACKS, strong, accurate, durable, importantly, drive fast, still, quiet, work continuously.

XYZ axis uses LINEAR GUIDE, linear guide of PMI imported from Taiwan, strong, accurate, durable, importantly, drive fast, still, quiet, work continuously.

REDUCER of SHMPO imported from Japan, strong, accurate, durable, most importantly, drive fast, still, quiet, can work continuously.

Use an air cooler cooling system that is cooled by water through an automatic chiller. Support continuous cutting can work continuously without stopping the machine

The base supports all materials through the same level adjustment. It is designed for the base to accept zigzag material. With a strong frame, smooth, level surface, helps when laying flat sheet metal, cuts out beautifully.

There is a lubricating system for the drive system of the linear guide and slide rails to increase the smoothness of the drive. Reduces abrasion and reduces wear on parts

Operation control program of this fiber laser machine. This makes it able to support a Power laser power source of up to 3000W. The company uses only MAX's fiber laser power source, which is a brand. China's top


Program Used

CYP CUT 2000 program to control the operation of the machine.

Program CYPONE LASER CUTTING SYSTEM. In addition to being able to command and control the operation of the machine through the program, you can also control the command through the remote as well. to save working time Just open the program, then you can do all the commands through the remote. Support for work files. User design through ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR/AUTO CAD/CORELDRAW Or another design program to make a VECTOR EXPORT file into a DXF file, it can be used to cut the work or stencil and the line is not broken, the line is not overlapped, and if the emergency power outage or the work is not finished, it is necessary to turn off the machine and can turn on the cutter. Continue the rest of the work without having to start over and without wasting sheets.

Compatible Devices

It uses 3-phase electricity, which is a 3-phase, 4-wire electrical system, which can be easily described as 4 input wires. There will be 3 wires that have electricity flowing all the time, called “Lines”, and the wires that walk passively do not have electricity flowing. Called "neutron line" number 1 line, the voltage used. If measuring the voltage between the line and the line The voltage is 380-400 V, but if measured between the line and the neutral line. The voltage is 230-250 V, the frequency is 50 Hz, which is a 3-phase, 4-wire system that is used with machines in most industrial plants. because the machine is large therefore need voltage

Cut or stencil the metal using air pressure. The use of oxygen gas to help cut the job. Most of them are mainly used for cutting steel. Whether it is black steel, carbon steel, zinc steel, galvanized steel, etc., due to the use of oxygen gas for cutting, the edge of the work will be black with burn marks. But because steel is easy to rust. Therefore, after cutting, it is often taken out of paint or baking paint to prevent rust. Therefore, burns or black marks do not affect the work to be produced. But pneumatic cutting will cut less thickness compared to cutting with oxygen gas.

Cutting or stenciling metal using Nitrogen (N2) gas, oxygen gas used to assist in cutting. It is mainly used for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Cutting by nitrogen gas will not cause black edges or burn marks. But cutting by nitrogen gas has a lower cutting thickness compared to cutting with oxygen gas (generally the oxygen cylinder is black. Gas cylinder price 4500 baht approximately, gas price is 140-160 baht approximately)

 Sample Workpieces




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