TENETH KUCO Sticker Cutter




TENETH KUCO Sticker Cutter


Suitable for work

- General sticker cutting - Drawing, drawing

SignMaster software for sticker cutters to make die-cut edges is super easy.

  • Contour Cutting Wizard ready to print and cut from two or more devices
  • Import/export Ai, Dxf, Eps, Pdf and Svg (text, images, gradients, etc.)
  • Vinyl culinary queuinger for efficient and fast cutting
  • Text and curve tools
  • Cutter support with direct driver
  • More powerful tools and features 300 items when you need them

Machine Details

Control Screen:
2.4 inch high resolution LCD screen membrane button

Running Rails:
Not slippery, easy, not easily derailed.

Double Spring Paper Press Wheel:
Prevent the tilt of paper and press the paper more evenly, thick and thin material has been engraved.

Convert Pen:
Diameter 11.4 mm Plotter Pen

Standard Blades:
Each machine has 1  blade holder 3 blades.

High Precision

USB, disk U wifi wired connection

Machine Stand:
High quality aluminum frame, strong, beautiful, durable.

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